Knitting Day


I usually work one Saturday a month, unless my boss is out of town or I have additional classes scheduled. Today is the fourth and last session of a class I’m teaching on the Harvest Sweater (Ravelry link). It’s a great sweater- the slightly dressier wooly knitwear version of a hoodie sans hood. It’s something you can toss over what you’re wearing for extra warmth. What my sisters and I called “Teacher Sweaters” when we were young, after the long, cream-colored, toggle-button cardigans most of the teachers at our elementary school seemed to have hanging on their closet doors.

A couple of the women in class have to miss today’s session, so there will be 3 students, plus me. We all have different sizes in process. I’m making the newborn/3 month size as my working sample, though I’ll be wearing the one I just finished knitting yesterday. There’s an infant size, toddler size, and adult 3X represented by the other students. I just love that this pattern, which is a seamless top-down knit, includes such a range of sizes. When BossLady and I started planning the class, we thought everyone would knit the smallest size so they could learn the techniques with less work (and less yarn!) than the larger sizes require.

Car Guy is still in bed. Once he gets up, we’ll head to the gym. It’s still too cold out in the mornings to do an outdoor walk. I’m on track to hit 900 miles walked since January 1 as part of Run the Year. Then it’s back to the house for breakfast, shower, gather my things and head to class. I’ll let you know how the muffin bars go over.

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