It’s Been a While


Has it really been over three years since I updated? Yikes.

A lot has changed in that time.

  • The yarn store where I work was sold. I stayed on with the new owners as an instructor and shop help.
  • Car Guy and I continued our trend of making our corner of the world a little more environmentally friendly by installing a geothermal HVAC system in the house and getting an electric vehicle. Because the car charger is on the meter with the solar panels, we can argue that it’s a solar powered car.
  • I’ve cut back a lot on my canning. We have so much from a few years ago that is still on the shelves that I just can’t justify doing any more until we eat through that. Haven’t had as much time to can, either, with the following couple of points taking up more of my time.
  • I earned a Knitting Instructor Certification from the Craft Yarn Council of America. For anyone considering teaching yarn craft (they have knit and crochet programs), do it! It really got me to look at how to pass on my knitting knowledge, and I think it has helped improve my students’ experiences.
  • And finally, I’ve established a relationship with Sugar Bush Yarns as a designer. My first design with them was released this spring (Piece of My Heart) and the second is due out soon. In fact, that pattern will be the subject of a couple more posts as I share some tips for different ways to wear it.

So you may have noticed from that list that my focus has shifted from cooking, canning, and gardening to knitting. This blog is going to shift focus, too. If that interests you, please stick around. But I understand if that’s not your thing.

I hope to see you again in a few days with an update on my current projects!

Author: InTheMitten

Certified knitting instructor, knitwear designer, occasional gardener

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