He comes with a new hat!

I finished a hat this morning

One thing about Car Guy and me: we talk in quotes from The Simpsons. A lot. Some classic quotes get used quite frequently. And we can have whole conversations implied by a single quote used as shorthand.

Today’s quote: “But (s)he comes with a new hat!” is a reference to Malibu Stacy. And, this morning, to Car Guy. Because I finished knitting a new hat for him to wear on walks, in time for him to wear it to work today. Yes, I was finishing that last round and weaving in the end as he was polishing off his oatmeal for breakfast.

And then I completely forgot to get a picture.

It was the 1898 Hat, which is available free online. (Ravelry page, SCI page) There are some fun techniques used: provisional cast on, grafting, picking up stitches, working 2 layers into 1, and knitting in the round. But all in all, it’s not a really difficult pattern. It would be a good learning project for someone who wanted to try those skills. And hats are good warm weather knitting, because they don’t blanket your lap and get you all hot.

Besides, it’s always a good time to knit things to put in the holiday gift bin. I think I’m going to go through my yarn stash and make a bunch of these specifically for Christmas.


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